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Throughout history, high-profile wedding dresses have often reflected the times, from Queen Elizabeth’s post-war wedding gown, made using fabric purchased with ration cards, to Bianca Jagger being the epitome of ’70s style as she married Mick Jagger in a white suit, and, of course, Diana, Princess of Wales’s extravagant ’80s confection complete with 25-foot train (still the longest in royal wedding history).
In recent years, A-list brides like Hailey Bieber and Zoë Kravitz have blurred the lines between cutting-edge catwalk looks and contemporary bridal options — more often than not wearing a variety of styles on the day. They turn to designers like Alexander Wang and Virgil Abloh to create bespoke gowns that nod to the traditional white dress (a trend initiated by Queen Victoria), while being distinctly modern. 
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On the other hand, there are still plenty of brides in the public eye who seek out something timeless, with Maria Grazia Chiuri at Christian Dior now the celebrity go-to for classic romance. Most recently, Karlie Kloss, Chiara Ferragni and Miranda Kerr have turned to the Italian designer at the French couture house ahead of their big days.

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There is some useful information here in my dropdowns but it's really not neccesary to read it. My wedding photography packages are on on easy display and the wedding photography is the best way to decide. If you love what you see just fill in my form or give me a call.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but the first part of this wedding checklist is setting a budget. You’ve got to be realistic, and you’ll break your heart if you plan a Pinterest-perfect wedding only to realise it’ll cost £50,000 over the amount you can afford!
12 – 18 Months Before…
The average cost of a wedding is around £15-£20,000 so keep this in mind. Lots of brides go head first into planning wanting a big white wedding, thinking they can do it all for £2,000. £2,000 is the minimum cost for wedding catering alone.
The next job is to look for a suitable wedding venue. This can be really fun. Your number one tool when planning your wedding is the website UKbride. To find venues in your area click this link. If you find any you like, give them a quick call and arrange a visit.
Next, book a church or registrar. The majority of weddings are still held in a church, and there are rules for which church you want to get married in. For instance, if it isn’t your local parish, you have to attend service for a length of time. It depends on which church you decide to marry in.
Once you have booked both of these, set a wedding date. You can do this before booking your venue and ceremony, but if they’re popular places to marry in or you’re planning a year or less in advance, they may be booked for a wedding on that day, so we recommend deciding this afterwards (or during).
Arranging a marquee is something you can do or take out wedding insurance, but this isn’t vital. Read our post about wedding insurance to see if you really need it.
Put together a guest list at this stage too. Sit down with your partner and spend a lot of time on this. It’s a very difficult process, especially with big families, but work through it together, and try to keep the numbers down; more people is more money spent on catering and venue.

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The average price for wedding photographer for 2019-2020 is £1,590.
Below shows the average over the last 3 years.
Data will be added for 2021, due to the Covid Pandemic we did not conduct our industry survey with regards to pricing due to weddings being on hold and postponed.
£1,590 in 2019-2020
£1,560 in 2018
£1,480 in 2017
£1,450 in 2016
£1,520 in 2015
These averages are based on a full day starting package from a professional wedding photographer.
The drop is very small however it is still a drop, the industry is very competitive and with lots of new photographers on the scene offering cheaper packages so they can build their portfolio many cost saving brides will look to take up these offers.
Prices vary across the UK for wedding photography with the South East being the most expensive with the average cost at £1,600. This is followed by London, the South West and then Scotland. The North East came in at the cheapest with an average cost of around £1,000.

t’s hard to believe 2021 is already part of our past and it’s time for 2022 couples to tie the knot. Wedding planning in today’s climate is anything but easy, especially with the pandemic posing an entirely new set of challenges for couples. It’s never been more important to find a vendor you trust to help you navigate all the unpredictability of wedding planning, especially when it comes to capturing the photos and videos from your special day. 

While you’ll always have the memories from your big day, wedding photos are one of the few tangible heirlooms you’ll be able to cherish for years to come. Moments like your first look, your first kiss, and your first dance will forever be frozen in time—and that’s why hiring the right photographer for the job is essential. After all, pictures really are worth a thousand words! 

Wedding Photographers tend to book at least one year in advance, sometimes two, although we all have the occasional free days within months. If you love my wedding photography don't hesitate to fill in my form or book a time to videomeet. Above.

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